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Oct 10 2011

Thoughts of the Future

It has come to my attention that in fewer months than I think I will have to make a decision regarding what to do after TFA.  After.  As though there’s an end to this craziness.

I have a degree in ballet and a certification in secondary math.  I love to organize and analyze, I love my students, and I love to work.  I hate when other people don’t know what they’re doing/don’t have their stuff together, I hate when people misuse data, and I hate the difficulty I find in making math lessons creative and making my students passionate about numbers. I love the kids, and I’m beginning to hate the adults.

I have awesome co-workers on the whole, don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t be teaching this year if not for the amazing 2010 CMs at my school with me.  However, I am getting tired of all the bureaucratic messiness of the district and my school.  I’m tired of being promised things that don’t happen.  I’m beyond frustrated that I can’t teach be the best possible teacher because of other adults–their systems, their structures, their schedules, their red tape.  I just want to teach!


Teach dance!  This has always been my plan of course, but I considered spending another year teaching math.  I do love mathematics, and it’s still a possibility.  But my passion is dance, and I have such a desire to bring dance to students who don’t have access to it otherwise.  Most low-income schools don’t even have dance programs, so I aspire to start them.  Plus I would be isolated from most of the adult crap that happens in a school.  No department meetings, no progress monitoring, no testing pressure, no one to come into my room and collaborate/complain.  Just me and the art of dance.

Doesn’t that sound great?  Starting dance programs in low-income schools where students are not exposed to art.

Now I have to figure out how to do that…

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