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Jun 18 2012

Nerdy New School Excitement

This blog post seems out of place with so many Institute/Induction/omgTFA! posts, as I’m now officially an alumni going into my third year.  However, I’m still allowed to geek out over education.

I am filled with excitement for my new school and just thrilled to be starting in a few weeks.  I received an email today regarding professional development and the upcoming school year.  It was clear, concise and answered all my questions (and I had a lot of questions).  Just that small fact – that I received an informative email weeks ahead of starting PD – thrills me.  This is what my life will be like from now on.  I will know what’s happening.  I will have my questions answered in a way that makes sense.  I will enter a stable work environment.  I will be surrounded by positive, inspiring people.  I will be happy.

I think what excites me the most about moving states and moving schools is the level of support I will have.  Every week, I will be observed and have conversations about the feedback (not just given a sheet and told to look it over).  My administration will be dedicated to making me the best teacher possible, and that’s what I want more than anything.  I want to learn, I want to talk through ideas, I want to have someone to discuss my data analysis with other than my less-than-interested boyfriend. I know I can improve in every area of teaching, and I’m going to make it happen at this school.  Teach For America has done its best to make me into an excellent teacher, but they have their limitations.  And my former school…I can’t even say they did the bare minimum to make me a decent teacher.  They just threw me in and hoped I wasn’t showing movies all year.

I am stoked for the organization of this school.  I’m more than ready for the stability, the positivity, the phenomenal and consistent culture, the clear expectations, and the SUPPORT.  I want to read every education book I can in the few weeks of summer I have left because I’m so excited to learn more that I want to begin right now.  (Perhaps I sound more like an incoming corps member than I realized!)

It’s going to be an incredible amount of hard work, and although I’m prepared for that reality I’m also psyched about the concept of just teaching.  No TFA and no masters degree.  Just 100% focus on my kids, my classroom, and how to improve as a teacher in this school.  I’m totally geeking out but I love it.

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