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Jan 07 2012

The Two-Handed Feel Up

Yesterday, I got felt up by an 8th grade boy. It was a definite, two-handed, all-out feel up. Now this was accidental of course, but it doesn’t change the ridiculousness or embarrassment of the situation. Let me explain…

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Jul 01 2011

Lessons from 7 Hours of Interviewing TFA-ers

Today I spent five hours straight talking to TFA corps members.  Five. straight. hours.  Add two more hours over the past two days and you have seven hours talking to over 40 2011 CMs.  Whew! To give you some background, I need to back up a bit.  I joined the School Leadership Team at my…

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Mar 09 2011

Dance Class > Math Class

I think my lack of updates over these past few months (read: entire school year) shows you how crazy my life is.  However, I don’t want to start with the craziness.  I want to start with what I love: my dance class. In October, I started teaching an after-school dance class twice a week open…

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Aug 03 2010

Meeting my School/My First Cheeto

In the crazy, hotel-living homelessness that was the transition from Institute to Colorado I failed to update as consistently as I wanted.  Now that I’m through with Institute and Round Zero, I’ve begun training with my school. It’s is a turnaround school with a transformation grant and part of that is a week-long school retreat.…

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